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Ark Survival Evolved: how to get oil

2019-07-02 23:35:42

get oil in the game Ark Survival Evolved will depend on how much you need depending on what you have advanced in the game, what maps you are playing, understand your global position, depending on the locations you can reach we will inform you so that you know how to get oil in the game Ark Survival Evolved.

When you start Ark Survival Evolved you only need to get oil so you can create some propellant and transform the meat into jerky, the most viable way to get oil is by killing trilobites, these are small sea animals that are at the bottom of the lakes and rivers of little water. They can be confused with stones, but they walk in a pack more than anything. By defeating them you can get oil even a little, in the same way you must have a strategy to attack, to kill a trilobite the others will be lost and this avoids defeating them efficiently.

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Being well equipped, the best method to get oil is to search the river beds or the bottom of the ocean looking for black nodes, which is a risky way to do it, the most dangerous enemies are in the water, in the game Ark Survival Evolved is recommended to have a high speed water assembly in case you run the risk of using this method to get oil. Being a rookie your best card to use is that of Ichthyosaurus, this is quick and easy to tame even though you will not count with making offensives, so that you can hold your breath it is recommended that you eat lazarus chowder in order to get oil in deeper water .

If you do not want to do something without logic, another option in Ark Survival Evolved that should be able to take you to get oil is crossing the biome of the snow looking for black nodes, prepare to protect yourself from the climate that is strong. You can carry an Ankylosaurus because with it you can get oil as fast as you can. Being in the snow brings with it dangers, that's why the submarine nodes are the best solution.

How to get oil in Ark Survival Evolved

It would be easier if you could be the source of your oil production yourself, it can be achieved by dominating the dung beetles, they are in the caves and if they let themselves be dominated they will make oil and fertilizers, to achieve this you must create a ballpoint pen so that they can roam the beetles.

Simultaneously dominate the Basilosaurus is another way to produce oil but they are very resistant, so it would be a final option. You can convert the eggs of hesperonis into oil if you put them in a pot, it would be another option but the production is very little so I do not recommend it.

To conclude we hope that this information will help you obtain oil since it is one of the most important resources of Ark Survival Evolved, so take advantage of this help that we left you before

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