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The action in Ark Survival Evolved does not stop, which leads us to explain how to beat the Megapithecus.

What to know about Megapithecus in Ark Survival Evolved?

To get to this boss we have to go through a series of underwater dungeons of the Caverns of the Lost Faith, which turns out to be somewhat complex, going through difficult situations that in the end leads us to want to know how to defeat the Megapithecus and go through these obstacles, to have the details to help us see the following content.

How to beat the Megapithecus in Ark Survival Evolved?

It is necessary that we go through the dungeons regarding How to beat the Megapithecus in Ark Survival Evolved, and for this the following details:

  • First dungeon: this is located at 53.6,10.5, it requires a diving suit, crossbow, harpoon, grappling hook, cold curry and a Basilosaurus, we will surely be in the first cave of this type, which can be complex if we are not prepared, there are many enemies, eating the curry, having our SCUBA and having our Basilosaurus domesticated is ideal for this place, having a friend may be better the situation, because we can put someone to mount the Basillosaurus in Ark Survival Evolved so that the damage is Tanked from Cnidaria's clash, while others use the Megalodons to deal damage, this dungeon will be the most accessible.

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    • Second dungeon: we find it at 14.8, 85.4, here we will use the parachute equipment, grappling hooks, assault rifle, anti-aircraft armor, medical concoctions and pica, the situation in this one can be very complicated, once we are submerged and swim a short distance we will see a tremendous cavern, looking down we will be free of dinosaurs which will place us in the devourer's artifact directly with the use of the parachute, in case of hooking we have to use another, we will take the artifact and return It is important that if we do not use the fall, and we go down the road we must take care of the false jumps and the enemies, as for how to beat the Megapithecus we will be closer.
    • Third dungeon: here is the artifact of the herd, it is found in 68.2, 56.2, and we will use the equipment of diving suit, anti-aircraft suit, Lazarus fish soup, grappling hook, pike, crossbow and the Baryonyx, from all Ark Survival Evolved can It is the most difficult dungeon, so bringing friends, employing dinosaurs and the backup equipment will become necessary, underwater in this cave there are imposing sections, the enemies will seek to dismount us and finish our SCUBA, which would leave us trapped until to drown, we have to focus on the green moss to get to the artifact.
    • The Megapithecus boss: we will find it in any of the obelisks, being blue for the individual, here the leather suit equipment, assault rifle, medical concoction and the hook is ideal, we will use the Yutyrannus (male / female), Daeodon, T-Rex (17), now regarding How to beat the Megapithecus we face a couple of situations in this fight, the tremendous cold and the cliffs that kill us if we fall off the platform, it should be noted that the boss It is seen firing projectiles that can take us to the edge, our strategy must be that Micro the Daeodon for healing, that the Yuty improve our T-rex, now having that the health of this boss is low compared to others, it is important that we have the dinosaurs out of bounds, the boss will have the Mesopithecus that can be dangerous, the best we can do is stay on the Daeodon so that the healing remains improved, when we have defeated it we must take its est walk you to finish everything.

    Knowing how to beat the Megapithecus is interesting, because we can progress in this complex point that is presented to us in Ark Survival Evolved.

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