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Total War: Three Kingdoms How to Make Money - Treasury Guide

2019-05-27 22:06:03

Total War: Three Kingdoms premiered just a few days ago, real-time tactical video game developed by Creative Assembly is falling in love with more and more users, who have been starting to ask themselves questions, including how to earn money in Total War: Three Kingdoms .

For this reason we've decided to prepare this guide and let you know how to earn more money, maximize your income and increase the general strength of your faction in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

In the treasure panel you can see your income and also your expenses, so you can have a broader control of your movements.

When you reach the rank of the Marquis faction, the tax slider in the treasure panel will unlock, with this you can Below we'll detail some ways that can fill your treasury in Total War: Three Kingdoms increase or reduce taxation through its commands in order to balance public order with tax revenues.

MANAGING YOUR ECONOMY | A Total War: Three Kingdoms Guide

Treasure guide of three kingdoms.

If your intention is also to fill your treasury then you should know that the capitals are the heart of your faction's infrastructure, the place where you'll build the many buildings that improve your economy, don't worry about how to make money in Total War: Three Kingdoms this yo'll increase your income and by increasing your income you will benefit in many ways how to improve the strength of your faction.

First of all, look at the settlements in your headquarters, to find the trading port, the tea house and a craftsman of the armor said buildings have a color that marks them to find them:

Trade port, blue color.

Tea house, green color.

Armor of craftsmen, purple color.

This will allow you to build synergies in your capital to increase the benefits of your settlements according to these colors.

With each shift, your commercial port will generate 140 revenues.

Tea House, generates another 130 income from trade

If you look at the postal mail of your city you'll also generate income from the trade, and you'll get an additional 25% bonus to the trade income.

If you click with the right button on the post office building you'll see how each update on these building trees provides the most bonuses to the income of the trade and the more you update the 3 buildings, the greater your profit will be.

Choose an administrator.

If you choose an administrator you can increase your income even more, by clicking on the Administrator button located above the name of the Command, which will show a menu of people from which you can choose.

You can see the bonuses offered by each character on the right side, select and confirm to select the administrator.

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