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Discover the ultimate guide to How to get all 5 Ammo Mods in Modern Warfare Zombies on our website.

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to obtain all five Ammo Mods in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ). These exciting additions add elemental effects to your weapon ammo, resulting in extra damage when you fire your bullets. In this blog post, we will discuss the different Ammo Mods available and explore possible ways to acquire them. Let's dive in!

How to get all 5 Ammo Mods in Modern Warfare Zombies

Understanding Ammo Mods:

In Modern Warfare Zombies, Ammo Mods are powerful enhancements that add elemental effects to your weapon's ammunition. These effects can provide additional damage and tactical advantages against the undead horde. There are five different Ammo Mods available, each with its own unique properties:

  • Brain Rot: This Ammo Mod adds an acid element to your bullets, causing damage over time to enemies. When a zombie is affected by Brain Rot, it will explode, damaging nearby zombies as well. This can be particularly effective when dealing with large groups of undead.
  • Cryo Freeze: Adding an icy effect, this Ammo Mod slows down and freezes zombies temporarily. When a frozen zombie is shattered, it will cause damage to nearby enemies, creating a chain reaction. This mod is great for crowd control and buying yourself some time when things get overwhelming.
  • Dead Wire: With an electric charge, this Ammo Mod electrocutes and stuns nearby zombies. When a zombie is hit with Dead Wire, it will emit an electric shock, damaging and stunning other zombies in close proximity. This mod is excellent for stunning and thinning out the horde.
  • Napalm Burst: This Ammo Mod unleashes a fiery explosion upon impact, dealing area damage to enemies. When a zombie is hit with Napalm Burst, it will burst into flames, causing damage to nearby zombies as well. This mod is perfect for dealing with tightly packed groups of undead.
  • Shatter Blast: While not an elemental effect itself, this mod inflicts concussive damage that knocks enemies back. When a zombie is hit with Shatter Blast, it will be pushed back, creating space between you and the undead. This mod is useful for creating breathing room and preventing zombies from overwhelming you.

Obtaining Ammo Mods:

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Currently, the specific methods of obtaining these Ammo Mods in Modern Warfare Zombies are unknown. However, there are two potential avenues worth exploring:

  • Acquisitions: It is speculated that players may be able to craft the Ammo Mods through Acquisitions. Acquisitions are a type of crafting system in Modern Warfare Zombies that allows players to create and upgrade various items. Keep an eye out for any updates or patches that might shed light on this process. Experimentation and exploration of the gameplay mechanics might also uncover hidden methods of obtaining these mods.
  • Schematics and Aetherium: Schematics are used with Aetherium to permanently upgrade weapon Pack-a-Punch levels and rarity. It is possible that utilizing Schematics could enhance your chances of acquiring desirable Ammo Mods. By investing Aetherium into upgrading weapons and unlocking higher-tier Pack-a-Punch levels, you may increase the likelihood of obtaining these powerful enhancements. Additionally, searching for specific Schematics related to Ammo Mods or participating in in-game events could also present opportunities to obtain them.

Temporary Boost with Elemental Pop:

One of the Perk-a-Cola offerings in Modern Warfare Zombies is Elemental Pop. This Perk-a-Cola temporarily provides a chance for your bullets to have a random Ammo Mod effect, regardless of whether you have obtained the specific Ammo Mod or not. This perk is particularly useful when you haven't obtained your preferred mod yet but still want a taste of their power. It can help you experience the different Ammo Mods and determine which ones suit your playstyle the best.

With the addition of Ammo Mods in Modern Warfare Zombies, excitement among players is at an all-time high. These powerful enhancements provide elemental effects to your weapon ammo, giving you an edge against the undead horde. While the exact methods of obtaining these mods remain a mystery, exploring Acquisitions, Schematics, and utilizing the Elemental Pop Perk-a-Cola may increase your chances. Keep experimenting and enjoy discovering the best Ammo Mods to suit your playstyle. Happy hunting!

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