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In this guide entry, we will tell you everything about How to get Golden Mask Filter in MW3 Zombies.

What to know about the golden mask filter in MW3 Zombies?

Before getting into the matter of How to get golden mask filter in MW3 Zombies, it is good to keep in mind that it allows us to automatically recharge our gas masks without having to look for recharging stations, this means that without a doubt, we embark in a vital search.

How to get golden mask filter in MW3 Zombies?

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We can get the golden mask filter by entering the third Dark Aether Rift and completing three missions in this area. In the Season 3: Reboot Update, a new Rift was introduced here, located in the middle of the Tier 3 Red Zone, which follows the same rules as the previous Rifts. It is our job to collect and upgrade four relics, which must be transported to the appropriate altars in the vortex where the Dark Aether Rift is located, and they are the following:

  • Giraffe toy
  • Draw an imaginary friend
  • Laptop with sticker
  • science magazine

Once placed, we will be shown a crack and for the crack to be permanently unlocked, we must defeat an elite disciple. He will reward us with the Seal item that we must place in the Dark Aether Rift base to enter.

To participate in subsequent drops, we will need additional seals, which we may well obtain by completing the Level 3 contract. While we are in the Dark Aether Zone, we will have a limited amount of time to complete three contracts and receive rewards. The locations are shown on the map above, and each contract altar in the game emits a long beam of light. This makes it easier to see from a distance when climbing onto the roof.

  • The northern contract is Bounty Removal.
  • The eastern contract is the longest mission.
  • The southern contract is the escort mission.

Once we have managed to complete each of them, they will give us rewards, which will give us the opportunity to obtain the golden mask filter as a single-use item.

How to create a gold mask filter in MW3 Zombies?

It should be noted that we can unlock the Golden Mask filter circuit by facing the most difficult version of Dark Aether Rift and completing the three contracts as described above. The program has the possibility of disappearing from contract awards. The difference is that entering the more difficult Dark Aether Rift requires the Elder Seal item obtained from the normal Dark Aether Rift, and we will only have 15 minutes to complete the three rewards and exit. The enemies are much tougher, so we should try to recruit random players in a full group of six.

We conclude this guide on How to obtain golden mask filter in MW3 Zombies and, thereby, be able to recharge the gas masks automatically.

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