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2024-05-09 11:00:16

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In this guide entry, we will tell you everything about How to get and upgrade the Science Journal in MW3 Zombies.

What to know about obtaining and updating the Scientific Journal in MW3 Zombies?

The Season 3 Reboot Update brings with it a lot of new features and introduced us to the new Dark Sesaire Rift for Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ) in Call of Duty. But first, we must unlock it and update various elements. One of them is Science Journal and in this guide we will explain how to unlock it.

How to get and upgrade the Science Journal in MW3 Zombies?

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We can get Science magazine as a reward for killing 50 zombies in Aether Storm on the map. It is not necessary to destroy the Stormmaker within Aether Storm to receive the reward. This ethereal storm is usually seen in each session and can be found as a purple circle on the map.

The zombies inside Aether Storm are stronger, such is the case that, if we are in a Level 1 area, we will have to deal with Level 2 Zombies. It is ideal to carry Level 2 guards and shock weapons when we enter Aether Storm.

As always, a gas mask is a must. After killing 50 zombies or more, we will notice a reward and receive the Scientific Diary as a reward. There are cases where the Science Journal does not appear even after killing more than 50 zombies. In this case, either go back into the storm and kill 50 zombies again, or we restart the game in a new session and repeat the process.

How to update Science Journal in MW3 Zombies?

The next step is to update Science Journal, we can do this by entering the E4 coordinates on the map. On the ground, we will find a pink and purple triangle. After that, we will have to shoot three runes at the wall of the next building. They are really easy to spot because they are located near three sides of the triangle and glow the same purple-pink color. Then, we stand on the F4 coordinate circle, a few hundred meters away from the triangle on the ground, and we can start summoning. More zombies will appear, and finally the powerful Hellhound will appear. For defeating the Hell Hound, you will receive the upgraded Golden Science Journal, then we can use it to unlock Dark Aether Rift.

In conclusion, knowing how to get and update the Scientific Diary in MW3 Zombies allows us to keep working constantly on the most recent update of this game, try it.

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