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Discover How to get 10 Operator Triple Kills with Shotguns in MW3 Season 3 with this explanatory guide.

What to know about getting 10 triple kills from shotgun operators in MW3 season 3?

Before explaining How to get 10 Operator Triple Kills with Shotguns in MW3 Season 3, it is good to make it clear that this is part of the challenges that this game offers us, this is usually one of the most difficult and complex to tackle.

How to get 10 Operator Triple Kills with Shotguns in MW3 Season 3?

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To be direct, a triple kill is when we kill three operators within a few seconds of each other; However, this does not mean that we have to kill three people at once. In any case, it should be noted that it is not an easy task for a shotgun unless all our enemies decide to group together. This is actually the best case scenario, but let's not expect it to be common in normal gameplay.

Fortunately, MW3 supports maps and game modes that encourage the kind of primitive pack behavior we can take advantage of to complete this unpleasant task. To complete the challenge, we must first use the recommended shotgun. It is advisable to use the KV Broadside as your weapon of choice, as it has access to spare parts that make this task much easier than usual. We must equip the KV Broadside with the JAK Jawbreaker accessory and, for all other accessories, prioritize ADS speed to quickly reach the target.

It is important to group enemies together to be able to kill them quickly and consistently, so when we are ready to start playing, we will choose the Citadel or Headquarters game mode. To do this, we can play in Core or Hardcore, but Hardcore is easier due to its lower TTK (Time to Kill). The last step of preparation is to make sure you play on a very small map. Of course, shipping is the gold standard here, but cards like Das Haus and Meat are great alternatives.

It should be noted that our objective is to kill quickly, so although we hate camping, it is best to find a nice and secluded place to camp near our objective and wait for the enemies to run by, this will not be a glamorous job but at least we will achieve our objetive.

Despite all the preparation work, in the end we will have to act quickly and very carefully. We will aim for headshots with KV Broadside, since TTK is extremely fast, which helps us aim. It may take some time since this goal is always difficult, but it is the best way to achieve it. If you have difficulty aiming, we will remove the replacement and insert a high capacity magazine into your KV Broadside.

We conclude this guide on How to get 10 Operator Triple Kills with Shotguns in MW3 Season , follow our steps, and you will be able to complete this arduous task.

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