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We welcome you to our explanatory guide on Where to defeat Warlord Rainmaker in MW3 Zombies in detail.

What to know about the Rainmaker warlord in MW3 Zombies?

The Rainmaker can be found on the island of Rahaa at coordinates H8. This extends to the southeast of the Urzykstan map. We will see the icon of his fortress, so calling him will make us arrive faster, like all Lords, we must have an access card to access Rainmaker's Keep, for more details regarding Where to defeat Warlord Rainmaker in MW3 Zombies Let's follow the next content.

Where to defeat Warlord Rainmaker in MW3 Zombies?

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We visit the mercenary camp to get the key to the mercenary fortress. Then we set up shop in a nearby fortress to access the bunker. The vault contains the key to Rainmaker's Keep, but be patient as it will take a few minutes to open. We take advantage of this time wisely to destroy all the enemies in our path and the key will be ours.

As we approach Rainmaker's fortress, we must be careful of mortar attacks. We take cover to safely avoid these attacks or open the cellar door to avoid them completely. Fortunately, the fortress is located in a low danger zone, so entering it at the start of the round should be relatively safe, Rainmaker's foot soldiers will wander around the area and his defensive equipment will make them difficult to kill. As cowardly as it may seem, it is better to stay on the ground to avoid their devastating attacks (including mortar attacks).

After entering the fortress, we first pay attention to the green Rainmaker traps. There are many of them throughout the area, as well as some mines and clay pits scattered around the area. If we cross the green line, there will be an explosion. Additionally, Rainmaker often encourages us to follow him, which will lead us to another of his green light traps. Shooting the box has a mechanism to take it apart. Also, be careful with Rainmaker's RPG attacks, which can be just as deadly as mortar attacks.

To deal with them, it is better to move continuously and not stay in one place for too long. As long as we shoot him continuously, his health bar will gradually deplete. Let's remember to pick up the Prize Rift item as soon as it is destroyed. The rewards may vary depending on the player, but to give you an idea, I bought a Clean House assault rifle, a Wunderwaffe DG-2 briefcase, and a medium-sized backpack. Each player will likely receive weapon blueprints from Pure House, as each lord usually has their own weapon bonuses. We can use it to complete the Season 3 Alliance Story Reset Mission, which offers unique rewards in Dark Aether Rift.

We hope that this information detailed here about Where to defeat Warlord Rainmaker in MW3 Zombies has been very useful to overcome this stage of such a busy and entertaining game, so enjoy it to the fullest.

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