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2024-05-06 21:07:45

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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How To Unlock The Advanced Warfare Optic in MW3 with precise details.

What to know about advanced warfare optics in MW3?

The advanced optics and disguises used to display equipment status in the interface played a large role in previous installments of the franchise. All of this is possible thanks to Atlas Corporation's advanced technology and it looks like we will be able to use some of that technology in MW3 as well. With the incorporation of the BAL-27 assault rifle in MW3 and Warzone in Season 3 Reloaded, now to know How To Unlock The Advanced Warfare Optic in MW3 let us keep in mind the content of this guide that will be presented below.

How To Unlock The Advanced Warfare Optic in MW3?

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To unlock the Advanced Warfare optics in MW3 and Warzone, we simply upgrade our BAL-27 to Tier 3. Of course, this occurs after unlocking the BAL-27 assault rifle, which is part of the new Season 23 added to the Battle Pass. Battle Reloaded from Season 3, however, this optic will not provide any improvements to the weapon's performance, such as ADS speed or target stability. But it's nice to see our weapon's ammo status right in front of us, making it easier to decide when to reload during combat.

It's worth noting that the Advanced Warfare optic, called AW Gen.1 optic, is available for all other weapons in MW3 and Warzone once unlocked. A few months ago this optic was confused with the JAK Glassless unit, with all the mentions of the AW and Atlas groups mentioned in MW3, it's safe to say we could see more mergers in the future.

In conclusion, knowing How To Unlock The Advanced Warfare Optic in MW3 is very timely for those of us who seek to have improvements that help our performance and progress in this incredible game.

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