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2024-05-09 12:13:20

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For today, we bring an interesting guide where we explain how to do a finishing move in Modern Warfare 3.

What to know about making a finishing move in Modern Warfare 3?

Performing cool finishing moves in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. However, they are rarely used because they take time to make. Some of the game's challenges require us to complete finishing moves.

How to do a finishing move in Modern Warfare 3?

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In multiplayer or Warzone, we can perform a finishing move by holding down the melee button directly behind the enemy player. Whatever platform or button is designated for melee combat, we just have to hold it and make sure we are close enough to the enemy player's back and the execution will begin. Additionally, there are several finishing moves available in the game. Some can be unlocked for free simply by playing, but many others are available in packs in the CoD store, and we must pay for them with real money. These range from a simple backstab to spinning our opponent around and throwing them into the air like a fighting superhero.

The weapon we use, whether a gun or a melee weapon, has no effect on our final blow. It is possible to use any weapon in the game or any knife variation and still perform the finishing move of our choosing. If the chosen finishing move includes a particular melee weapon in the animation, we don't need to have it on us for it to work.

What is the easiest way to kill in Modern Warfare 3?

Some Call of Duty challenges require us to complete kill missions, and there is an easier way to accomplish them. It's very difficult to jump into a regular multiplayer match, find an unsuspecting enemy, and land a killing blow before someone else kills us. The best thing we can do in multiplayer matches is find a player who is not currently playing and who is hopefully lurking somewhere behind our respawn point.

The easiest way to make finishing moves is through Warzone's game modes. Whether in Plunder, Respawn, or Battle Royale, enemy players are defeated. In this way, we can eliminate an enemy by shooting him, then running and killing him while he is lying down and unable to defend himself. If we can get someone into a house or small building, especially if our teammates are dead or too far away, we will be completely safe inside when we make our finishing move.

Now that you know how to do a finishing move in Modern Warfare 3, you can apply it and thereby achieve enough kills with this attack mechanic, try it.

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