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Learn How to Clear Infestations in Modern Warfare Zombies with our comprehensive guide.

Welcome, Call of Duty fans, to our comprehensive guide on how to clear infestations in Modern Warfare Zombies! In this blog post, we will dive deep into the concept of Infested Strongholds and Aether Nests, and explore the importance of clearing these areas for valuable rewards and survival. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game mode, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate through these treacherous environments.

How to Clear Infestations in Modern Warfare Zombies

Section 1: Preparation for Clearing Infestations

Before venturing into Infested Strongholds or Aether Nests, it is crucial to prepare yourself with the right equipment. The first and most important item you need is a Gas Mask. These areas are filled with toxic gases that can quickly deplete your health, so wearing a Gas Mask is essential for survival. Without this protection, you risk losing health rapidly and potentially facing an untimely demise.

Section 2: Locating and Destroying Yellow Cysts

When entering Infested Strongholds or Aether Nests, keep an eye out for glowing yellow cysts on walls and ceilings. These cysts are the key to progress and unlocking valuable loot. Destroying them will not only clear the infestation but also grant you additional rewards. To locate these cysts, scan the environment carefully, paying particular attention to dark corners and hidden alcoves. Sometimes, they may be hidden in plain sight, so maintain a keen eye for detail.

When it comes to destroying the yellow cysts, there are various ways to go about it. You can use your primary weapon to shoot them, throw grenades, or utilize special abilities if available. Experiment with different approaches to find the most efficient method for you. Keep in mind that destroying these cysts will require some time and effort, so be prepared for potential zombie attacks during the process.

Section 3: Dealing with Additional Zombie Spawns

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Clearing an infestation is not a walk in the park. As you destroy the yellow cysts, be prepared for additional zombie spawns. These undead enemies will try to hinder your progress and potentially overwhelm you. To effectively handle a sudden influx of zombies, it is crucial to keep moving and avoid getting cornered. Utilize your surroundings to your advantage, such as utilizing barriers or narrow pathways to funnel the zombies and minimize their numbers.

Additionally, consider using consumable items and special abilities to gain an edge in combat. These can range from health-restoring items to temporary damage boosts. Use them strategically to turn the tide in your favor and ensure a successful clearance of the infestation.

Section 4: Unlocking Chests and Containers

One of the most enticing rewards for clearing infestations is gaining access to previously locked chests and containers. These containers often hold valuable loot, including powerful weapons, ammo mods, and consumable items that can enhance your gameplay experience.

Once the infestation is cleared, take your time to explore the area thoroughly. Look for locked chests and containers, paying attention to any hidden compartments or rooms. Unlocking these caches will provide you with a significant advantage in later rounds, so don't rush through the process.

Section 5: Rewards and Benefits of Clearing Infestations

Now that you understand the process of clearing infestations, let's delve into the rewards and benefits you can expect. Successfully clearing Infested Strongholds or Aether Nests will grant you consumable items, weapon rarity levels, and ammo mods that can grant unique abilities to your guns.

Consumable items can range from health boosts to temporary invincibility, ensuring your survival during intense battles. Weapon rarity levels enhance your weapons, increasing their damage output and potentially unlocking additional attachments. Ammo mods add unique abilities to your guns, such as explosive rounds or elemental damage, further increasing your combat effectiveness.

The rewards obtained from clearing infestations are not only beneficial for your current gameplay session but also carry over to subsequent matches. This means that investing time and effort into clearing infestations early in the game will significantly impact your overall progression and make future encounters more manageable.

Clearing infestations in Modern Warfare Zombies is a vital strategy for gearing up and gaining valuable rewards. Remember to equip yourself with a Gas Mask before entering infested areas, and be vigilant in locating and destroying the yellow cysts. Prepare for additional zombie spawns and utilize your surroundings to your advantage. Unlock chests and containers to access powerful loot, and relish in the rewards obtained through successfully clearing infestations. We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights and strategies for navigating through Infested Strongholds and Aether Nests. Embrace the challenge, gear up, and enjoy your thrilling adventures in Modern Warfare Zombies!

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