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Master the art of How to Complete Extraction Mission in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies with our comprehensive guide.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on completing the Extraction Mission in MW3 Zombies! This mission is filled with thrilling objectives and challenging tasks, all leading to the successful extraction of Dr. Jansen. By following our step-by-step instructions, you will be able to navigate through each stage of the mission with ease. So grab your weapons, gear up, and get ready for an exhilarating adventure!

How to Complete Extraction Mission in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

Step 1: Navigating to the Star Icon

The first step in completing the Extraction Mission is to locate the star icon on the map, which indicates the extraction point. This icon is your guiding light throughout the mission, so make sure to keep an eye out for it. Once you have identified the extraction point, carefully navigate towards the indicated area and prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges.

Step 2: Getting on the Helicopter

Once you have reached the extraction point, it's time to deploy and access the helicopter. This step is crucial as it ensures that all team members are safely aboard before proceeding to the next phase of the mission. Communication and coordination are key here, so make sure to coordinate with your team members and ensure that everyone is ready to board the helicopter.

Step 3: Activating the Laptop at the Communications Tower

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After taking off in the helicopter, you will be flown to your next destination. Once you reach your destination, disembark from the helicopter and start searching for a nearby communications tower. This tower will be equipped with a crucial laptop that needs to be activated. Locate the laptop and follow the on-screen prompts to activate it. This step is essential as it sets the stage for the subsequent stages of the mission.

Step 4: Locating Dr. Jansen

With the laptop activated, it's time to locate Dr. Jansen. Head towards the underground area northeast of the yellow circle on your map. This area is likely to be infested with zombies, so stay alert and keep your weapons at the ready. As you navigate through the underground area, keep a close eye out for any signs of Dr. Jansen's location. He may be hiding or trapped, so be thorough in your search.

Step 5: Surviving until File Deletion Progress is Completed

Once you have located Dr. Jansen, the mission becomes a race against time. As you escort Dr. Jansen to safety, waves of zombies will relentlessly attack you and your team. It's crucial to defend yourselves and eliminate the zombies while ensuring Dr. Jansen's safety. Keep an eye on the progress bar indicating the file deletion process and ensure that you survive until it reaches completion. This stage requires strong teamwork, effective communication, and strategic positioning to fend off the hordes of zombies.

Step 6: Escorting Dr. Jansen to the Helipad

Once the file deletion progress is complete, it's time to guide Dr. Jansen to safety. Carefully navigate through the map, making sure to eliminate any remaining zombies that may pose a threat. Escort Dr. Jansen back to the helipad where you initially landed. This stage requires caution and vigilance, as the zombies may launch one final desperate assault to prevent your escape. Stay focused, keep Dr. Jansen protected, and work together as a team to ensure a safe arrival at the helipad.

Step 7: Boarding and Exfiltration

As you reach the helipad, it's time to board the helicopter with Dr. Jansen. Ensure that all team members are onboard and ready for exfiltration. This is the final stage of the mission, but it is crucial to maintain your focus and remain prepared for any last-minute surprises. Once everyone is safely aboard, prepare for takeoff and celebrate a successful completion of the Extraction Mission!

Congratulations, soldier! By following these step-by-step guidelines, you are now well-equipped to complete the Extraction Mission in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Remember, teamwork, communication, and a positive attitude are crucial throughout the mission. Stay focused, adapt to changing circumstances, and most importantly, have fun! Good luck on your next zombie-hunting adventure!

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