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The action of our guides does not stop, this time we will explain how to make concrete in Minecraft.

What to know about concrete in Minecraft?

  It is an element of elaboration like many that allows us to take our creativity to the fullest in the game, it should be noted that it is a solid block that has about 16 colors, to have an idea of How to make concrete in Minecraft let's see what the details offer us following.

How to make concrete in Minecraft?

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    It is necessary that we first make the concrete powder, which when in contact with the water will be converted into concrete, for the powder we have to require 4 sands, 4 gravels and a dye of our choice, for the desert regions the sand will be, the gravel in Overworld and Nether, considering that the flowers are the source of the dyes, and we can use casting options to create unique colors, starting from the dye will be the color of the concrete dust, now in a 3 × 3 artboard there is to put 9 elements in the pattern we want, while collecting 8 pieces of concrete.

     With the concrete powder ready, the next thing is that we put it in the water source so that it becomes a concrete block, when breaking it the concrete will be in our inventory, it is important to consider that the rain does not turn the powder into concrete, neither water bottles nor cauldrons, the difference between dust and concrete is that the former works like sand, it is affected by gravity, and it is not possible to place it on the ground, its usefulness is in making the blocks, but concrete is an element of elaboration with greater durability than stone, despite the fact that explosions is its vulnerability and an important difference is the texture that becomes combinable with unique colors.

     In this way we finish our guide, now you know how to make concrete in Minecraft, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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