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The action in Minecraft does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to make spyglass.

What to know about Minecraft?

Due to the latest update of Java 1.17 20W45A many new things have been added, among which is the spyglass but if we want to be able to use it it is important that we have the necessary resources for crafts, while those found in the edition from Bedrock will not have access to this, considering this let's see now How to make spyglass in the following content.

How to make spyglass in Minecraft?

The necessary materials are amethyst fragment x1 and copper ingots x2, to obtain the amethyst it is necessary to consider the groups that are developed, having to look for the Amethyst Geode structures underground that have amethyst blocks that are growing in clusters, With our iron pick it is possible to break and we will get the fragments, the Geodes have a series of capable, where there is the tuff and the calcite, their interior is made of blocks, there are also the budding ones, in which the blocks of this type they have the growth in shoots and that also occurs in groups.
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    The copper ingots are possible to get through the blocks of mineral found in Overworld, being necessary that it be melted, it is something similar to what is done with coal and iron, now the use of the spyglass allows you to use it as a tool that has the ability to view things remotely, you just have to click on the use of the element and the place of blocking and it starts to work, obtaining a zoom and a different focus on what we want to visualize, now with the F1 it is possible to remove the circular lens in case it is not to our liking.

    In this way we finalize our Minecraft guide, now you know how to make spyglass, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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