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Now that The Pathless is available you will want to know how to solve the monastery puzzle, which we will be covering in our article today.

What is the monastery puzzle in The Pathless.

Before telling you how to solve the monastery puzzle, you have to know that this is a secondary mission of the game which you will not have to complete to pass the same but if you want to obtain more crystals to earn more falcon flaps yes.

How to solve the monastery puzzle in The Pathless.

The first thing to know if you're wondering how to solve the monastery puzzle is that you can find it during the Cernos chapter of The Pathless using your spirit mask.

You can find this puzzle by accessing the building without closed doors at its entrance, where you will have to shoot an arrow at the circular target in the center of the room, which will allow you to pass to another objective and unlock a door with a mobile block inside. Have your hawk grab you and then go up the stairs on the right side and then have your hawk carry you to the pressure platform.

There you will have to go down the stairs and stand on the pressure platform, which will have to rise on a podium and turn to watch.

Then you will have to shoot the next target to open a door behind, go up again and shoot an arrow through four circular targets to open the doors of the other building. In the next structure you will see three circular targets, which you will have to move in order to shoot an arrow through them and thus obtain the giant crystal that is hidden behind a door.

Use the lever next to the first objective to lift it up, then head to the right and land on the platform above, head to the side room and look down using the spirit mask to see the moving block in the room below.

You will have to go down and make your hawk grab it and then shoot the talisman and open the door to the main room.
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Leave the block and return to the platform where you will have to make your falcon take the block again and drop it on the pressure platform in front of you, this will allow you to release a talisman that you can shoot at the wall and will raise a door with another block behind.

Have your hawk put the block on either of the two pressure pads below.

Go back and grab the first block, which you will have to get to a pressure pad that has a grid in front of it. Release it and shoot the talisman that opens behind the grate.

Then you will have to go to the door that opens and press the lever to be able to grab the block one last time and take it to the second pad in the main room and complete the alignment.

 That's all you have to know about how to solve the monastery puzzle in The Pathless, we hope this article has allowed you to complete the puzzle in the shortest time possible so that you keep moving forward quickly.

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