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We invite you to discover How to get Trial Keys and The Vault in Minecraft Tricky Trials, a new task.

You need to collect Trial Keys if you want to get the most out of Minecraft's newest Trial Chambers structure. I will teach you all the methods to obtain trial keys and find the trial vaults that open, just let's look at the following content.

How to get Trial Keys and The Vault in Minecraft Tricky Trials

Trial keys can be obtained in two ways. The easiest option is to find them by chance in the chests distributed throughout the Trial Chamber. Although they are not guaranteed to appear on these, it is very convenient. Trial Chamber trials are the most effective way to obtain them. Enter any test generator and fight all the enemies you find. Subsequently, the probability that the proof generator will issue a proof key as a reward is 50%.

Where is the test chambers vault located in Minecraft?

Vaults are scattered throughout the test chambers, as are test generators. My first two were found in a large chamber containing test generators with skeletons with poison arrows. It is necessary to bring essential items to the Trial Chambers due to the difficulty of reaching them. Make sure it is a normal Vault and not a Sinister Vault when you approach it. Sinister vaults have three faces on the front, while regular vaults only have one. If you only have normal trial keys, you will waste time because Sinister Vaults can only be opened with sinister trial keys. Place the Trial Key in your inventory to unlock a Vault. To unlock the Vault, keep it handy. The Vault will begin to spit out rewards that will fall on it.

all test chamber awards

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Each vault will have its own rewards. However, they will be composed of the following:

  • flesh
  • Arrows filled with poison
  • Blacksmithing jig with bolt reinforcement that can be adjusted.
  • Deteriorated shields
  • bright
  • The emeralds
  • The enchanted books.
  • magic bows
  • The charming diamond ax
  • The adorable diamond breastplate
  • Those made of enchanted metal
  • Enchanted Iron Breastplates
  • golden apples
  • Golden carrots
  • The Guster Poster Pattern
  • bottles full of honey
  • metal ingots
  • Cliff Musical Discography.
  • Useless bottles
  • Tripod
  • wind loads

In a test chamber, multiple players can open each vault. However, each player only has the ability to open a particular vault once.

This is all there is to consider in terms of obtaining trial keys and The Vault, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it and continue with our fun and progress through Minecraft Tricky Trials.

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