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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to find a Trial Chamber in Minecraft with precise details.

Minecraft update 1.21, also known as the Tricky Trials update, added trial chambers, a mace weapon, and several reward items to revitalize the game. To access these features, however, you need to know where to find the test chambers and what to expect while exploring them.

How to find a Trial Chamber in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can find test chambers in three ways:

  • Explore the world by walking.
  • Purchase a Trial Explorer map from a village cartographer.
  • Use console commands to teleport.

Test Chambers are structures found underground, similar to an ancient city or a mine shaft. Unlike the vibrant caves, nothing in the overworld indicates when you're approaching one. On the other hand, the outer walls of the test chamber are almost entirely made of this block, so keep an eye out for tuff bricks while mining. Keep mining tuff bricks until you find copper or a large, open testing room. Being careful not to accidentally break a vault, chest, or other important blocks can change the puzzle of the room. If not, you will have officially arrived at your first courtroom.

You can purchase a Trial Explorer map from a cartographer villager. To find one, head to any nearby village and look for one, or place a mapping table next to an ordinary villager to turn them into a cartographer. However, you will have to initiate some exchanges with the cartographer until the villager is ready to sell the map because the cartographer must be Officer level or higher. After leveling the Cartographer Villager to Journeyman, buy a Test Explorer map from him to find a Test Chamber easily. The square symbol will distinguish it from other structures in Minecraft.

How to find a courtroom in Minecraft with cheats enabled?

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If you want to try Minecraft test chambers right away without running or flying and searching, you can use console commands to find one right away:

  • Enable cheats in your own world or create a save game using enabled cheats.
  • Type/find minecraft structure:trial_chambers.
  • teleports to the specified coordinates.

You will immediately appear inside the test chambers once you teleport to the location command coordinates, ready to explore its different rooms and challenges.

What does a first instance room mean in Minecraft?

Minecraft test chambers have a large number of generators, puzzles and treasures. A conventional chamber creates multiple rooms, each of which has a puzzle you must solve, traps to disarm, or groups of enemies you must defeat. Along with the flame-like Breeze and Bogged, a new type of skeleton, you'll encounter enemies like your usual zombies and spiders. In addition to hostile enemies and traps, each room and its hallways are filled with numerous barrels and treasure chests. These provide opportunities to obtain new tools, blocks, and other valuables. Additionally, you'll be able to loot dispensers and other functional blocks that are frequently used as traps to steal potions, arrows, and other weapons.

So we have reached the end of this guide, now you know what it takes to find a courtroom, just do it and enjoy it to the fullest.

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