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We have made a guide where we will explain everything you need to know about How to Craft a brush in Minecraft.

The Paintbrush, introduced in Minecraft's 1.20 Trails and Tales update, has become an indispensable tool for players looking to delve into the mysteries of archaeology. This guide will provide a detailed description of the crafting and uses of this essential item.

How to Craft a brush in Minecraft?

Crafting the Paintbrush is a simple process that requires the following materials:

  • 1 Feather: Obtained from birds such as chickens or hens.
  • 1 Copper Ingot: Acquired by smelting copper ore.
  • 1 Stick: Obtained from trees.

On the crafting table, the materials should be placed in the following configuration:

  • Feather in the top slot.
  • Copper Ingot in the middle slot.
  • Stick in the bottom slot.
  • Paintbrush Functions

What are the functions of the brush in Minecraft?

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1. Archaeology

The primary use of the Paintbrush is archaeological excavation. Players can search for suspicious blocks in their world and use the Paintbrush to examine them. Holding down the "Use" key will trigger an animation where the player brushes the block, generating random particles. After a short period, a random object will emerge from the block and the block will turn into sand or gravel. Completely excavating a block takes 4.8 seconds.

2. Crafting Armadillo Armor

The Paintbrush also allows for the creation of Armadillo Armor. To do this, the player must find an armadillo in the wild and brush it with the Paintbrush. This process consumes 13 points of Paintbrush durability. Once completed, an Armadillo Shield will be obtained, which can be used to craft Wolf Armor, which increases the durability of these animals. Armadillo Shields are also used to repair existing Wolf Armor.

Paintbrush Enchantments

The Paintbrush can be enchanted with the following enchantments:

  • Curse of Vanishing (max level 1): Prevents the Paintbrush from being dropped upon death.
  • Mending (max level 1): Repairs the Paintbrush upon collecting experience orbs.
  • Unbreakable (max level 3): Increases the Paintbrush's durability.

In conclusion, the Paintbrush has become an essential tool for Minecraft players looking to explore the depths of archaeology and craft Armadillo Armor for their wolves.

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