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We've made a guide where we'll explain everything about How to Craft the Mace in Minecraft.

The Mace has arrived in Minecraft 1.21, ready to crush your enemies with its brute force! This new two-handed weapon offers players a unique way to fight, whether you're facing hordes of monsters or other players in PvP.

How to Craft the Mace in Minecraft?

  • Get a Breeze Rod: Eliminate the new Breeze enemies, found primarily in Breeze biomes.
  • Get a Heavy Core: Venture to the Test Chambers and delve into the Vault to loot this crucial core.
  • Combine the Materials: Once you have both components, combine the Breeze Rod and Heavy Core in your inventory or at a workbench to forge your Mace.

Master the Mace's Attacks

  • Normal Strike: A left-click basic attack that deals 5 damage to enemies.
  • Crushing Attack: Leap from heights and strike hard! Left-click while falling to perform a Crushing Attack that deals additional damage based on the distance you fall. Keep in mind the cooldown in Java!

Choose the perfect enchantments for your Mace

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  • Repair: An essential enchantment for any adventurer, Repair restores the Mace's durability using experience, extending its lifespan!
  • Unbreakable: Increases the Mace's resistance to wear and tear, making it less likely to break!
  • Aspect of Fire: Deal additional fire damage to your enemies and watch them burn!
  • Density: Power up your Crushing Attacks! The higher you fall, the greater the additional damage the Mace will deal.
  • Breach: Perfect for PvP, it reduces the enemy's armor, leaving them vulnerable to your attacks! Wind Blast: Launch yourself into the air after a Smash Attack to chain together devastating attacks and reach great heights!

Tips for Mace Masters

  • Air Smash Attack: You don't need to touch the ground to perform a Smash Attack. Unleash its power from the air!
  • Density vs. Gap: Choose one or the other, not both! Their effects don't stack.
  • Experiment and Combine: Try out different enchantments to find the combination that best suits your playstyle and strategy.
  • With the Mace in your hand and this knowledge in your mind, you'll be unstoppable in Minecraft 1.21! Wield your Mace with mastery, crush your enemies, and conquer new challenges!

Digging deeper into enchantments

Density: Each level of Density increases the bonus damage of Smash Attacks as follows:

  • Density I: +0.25 hearts of damage per block.
  • Density II: +0.50 hearts of damage per block.
  • Density III: +0.75 hearts of damage per block.
  • Density IV: +1.00 hearts of damage per block.
  • Density V: +1.25 hearts of damage per block.

Wind Burst: The height at which Wind Burst launches you depends on the level of the enchantment:

  • Wind Burst I: 8 blocks.
  • Wind Burst II: 16 blocks.
  • Wind Burst III: 24 blocks.

Combat Strategies

  • Melee Combat: The Mace is ideal for hard-hitting melee combat. Its high damage and range make it an excellent choice for engaging enemies at close range.
  • Surprise Attacks: Take advantage of the Crushing Attack to deal devastating damage to unaware enemies. Leap from high structures or stalk your opponents to unleash a crushing blow. Crowd Control: The Smash Attack can also be used to push back multiple enemies at once, creating space and an advantage in combat.

This is all you need to know about How to make the mace in Minecraft, follow our instructions to easily achieve it.

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