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Knowing how to make a composter in Minecraft can be very useful, so this time we will explain how to make one.

What is a composter in Minecraft?

It is a block with which you can convert food and plant material into bone powder, which you can later use as fertilizer, in addition to being used as a work table for the villagers. But to be able to achieve all this you will have to know how to make a composter, which we will teach you how to do next.

How to make a composter in Minecraft?

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    On how to make a composter, you will only need a single ingredient, any wooden slab, specifically x7 slabs of any wood. So after making the seven slabs, you will have to place three slabs on each side on a crafting table and one in the lower central slot, which will result in a composter.

    The correct functioning of the composter will be the closer it is to the crops.

    Another way to get a composter is to take it from one of the towns in the game world, where it will not be difficult to find because it also works as a work table for the farmer villagers. To take the composter quickly, we recommend using an ax, although it can be taken using any tool.

    You should note that removing work blocks generally restores that respective villager's job and makes them a general villager again, so we recommend making your own composter if you want to continue harvesting on villagers' farms.

    Among the materials that you can recycle in the Minecraft composter, are beet seeds, sweet berries to pumpkins, cacti, cookies and cakes, but you should keep in mind that there are five levels in terms of the percentage of probability that the item that uses add a layer of compost to the compost bin, with the seeds having the lowest percentage chance of adding a layer of compost and larger and more complex items are more likely.

    You will see green flashes and a visible build-up of compost inside the block as you add ingredients, but once it is full, you will see white dots on top of the block, indicating that you can take the bone powder to restart. the process.

     That's all you need to know about how to make a composter in Minecraft, so now that you know how easy it is to get and how useful it is, it will be worth getting it to start recycling and getting bone powder.

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