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We continue our journey through Minecraft, and therefore it is convenient to tell you how to get the tide enchantment.

What is the tidal enchantment in Minecraft all about?

It is an enhancer that we can apply to tridents, at the moment that a trident contains this tidal enchantment, it happens that when launching the object we will be dragged with it, being then ideal for travel, but it must be in the water for the fall of the tridents, whether in a snowy biome that is snowing or in the biome of this present rain, it is appropriate to highlight the 3 existing levels, achieving a greater distance for the trip to have the highest level, a specific case is to have elytra, which when combined with the trident and the tidal enchantment will achieve a flight more quickly, surpassing even the fireworks, as long as it is during snowfall or rain, a blow against a mob can cause us the stoppage of the trip, this happens because it is not possible to combine tridents with other enchantments, now to understand how to get the tide enchantment let's look at the following text very carefully.

How to get the tidal enchantment in Minecraft?

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    It requires a trident and the enchantment book, taking into account that knowing how to get the tidal enchantment for the fact of defeating the drowned to obtain the trident, it is about zombies that are underwater, this at the moment if those who have a trident in their hands die, it may be that they drop them, despite this it is not a guarantee of achieving it, so it is appropriate that our chances are increased with the help of the looting enchantment and defeat it with a weapon that possess it, now in the case of the tidal enchantment book you have to look for some chests located in specific places or be able to create one through the enchantment table and lapis lazuli, once we have both, the next thing is to go to the anvil, we place the trident in slot 1 and the book in slot 2, in this way we pass the enchanted object from now to our inventory in Minecraft, considering the expense of experience levels that e requires the charm of the mode.

    Definitely, knowing how to get the tide enchantment allows us to have one of the important elements for a weapon in Minecraft.

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