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Genshin Impact has managed to permeate the audience perfectly well, however; today we are going to tell you how to uninstall on PC.

Why uninstall Genshin Impact on PC?

There are different reasons why an uninstallation of a game is required on our PC, regardless of the reasons it does not mean that they are directly related to failures, but to do so it is ideal to understand How to uninstall on PC and today in this guide we will have the necessary details to be followed in this regard, let's see them below.

How to uninstall Genshin Impact on PC?

  • We go to the start
  • We enter the game
  • We give it to uninstall
  • We confirm the uninstallation in the window that appears indicating what we want to do
  • Then the process begins that we must wait to complete.

 In case of not being able to achieve it in the way mentioned before we can do the following:
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    • We look for the files that correspond to the game
    • We give the Windows R key combination and go to the control panel
    • We enter the programs to locate the game
    • With the right mouse button we have the option to uninstall or change
    • We will then uninstall

     Now if we want to install it again we must do the following:

    • In the Microsoft edgy bar we look for the game to download it more quickly
    • We enter the games site
    • We enter Windows to install
    • We choose to download it
    • We enter the file to access
    • We give you install.

    There is the option of eliminating completely from the game, only that you have to request said elimination to the Mihoyo support team, taking into account that we will give them access to our account, having a period of 30 to 60 days for it to be eliminated, once that we uninstall or change the account we will lose all the achievements and rewards, now afterwards it is possible to access the game again from the absolute beginning, which will lead us to create an account from scratch in Mihoyo.

    Now that you know how to uninstall on PC you can try it and tell us how the process goes in Genshin Impact.

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