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I am one of those who has faith that Minecraft will never go out of style, so today I will tell you how to get Redstone.

What is the Redstone in Minecraft?

It is one of the minerals that you can find in the game and as a curious fact, it is the only mineral found in the game world that does not exist in real life. This mineral is one of the most useful in the entire game, since it gives you infinite possibilities, so knowing how to get Redstone we could say that it is worth gold.

How to get Redstone in Minecraft?

The first way to obtain this mineral is to obtain the mineral block itself. This block is only found underground, between altitudes 0 the void, below Bedrock and 15, at this height it is also possible to find Diamonds, so hopefully you can take more than you were looking for.
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    If you are a PC user you can verify your altitude by pressing the F3 key, and you will see the altitude in the letter Y.

    You will know that you have found a block of this mineral because it is a stone block with bright crimson red specks that illuminates and emits an effect of red particles when it is hit, it usually generates from 1 to 8 blocks together, which you can with a pick diamond or higher to get the Redstone powder.

    Each block will allow you to obtain up to five powders at most.

    The caves with pools of lava are one of the Redstone sources of the game here you can also find lapis lazuli.

    You can also find Redstone Ore dust, in the Jungle Pyramids and being careful of the traps.

    Redstone dust will allow you to do both enchantments, auto and semi-automatic circuits.

    We hope that now that you know how to get Redstone in Minecraft, the process will be as simple as possible for you, and you will be able to get a lot out of this mineral.

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