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If you want to know how to fix error code E05 in Robinhood, keep reading because we have it covered for you here.

What is the E05 error in Robinhood?

This is an error that appears when trying to link the bank account, which ends up being impossible due to this error.

How to fix error code E05 in Robinhood?

In order to correct this problem you will have to add your account manually, to do so you must do the following:
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The first thing you have to do is click on the account icon in the lower left corner> select Transfers> Linked accounts> Add new account> Continue> choose your bank and if it is not available choose Link manually> specify the type of account> Continue . > enter the routing number of your bank account> Continue> enter your account number and confirm.

The message should arrive in about 2 or 3 business days, Robinhood will temporarily deposit two small amounts in your account, which you will have to verify to confirm the account> Continue> when you have received the amounts you will have to access your Account> Transfers> select the Unverified file> click on your linked particular account> Verify> put the two amounts you received> finally select Verify.

We hope you can follow our guide on how to fix error code E05 in Robinhood easily and have managed to fix the problem quickly.

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