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2020-11-20 09:42:56

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With our Minecraft guide you will learn more about how to make tinted glass.

What to know about tinted windows in Minecraft?

One of the new features that have been added to the game is the tinted windows, these come among the many new things that update 1.17 brought with it, considering that if we are in the Java version it will not be possible to have all the content, in In this guide we will see the details on how to make tinted windows, so we must continue.

How to make tinted windows in Minecraft?

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You need a glass block and 4 amethyst fragments, to get these resources we have to go through the underground area to find the amethyst blocks and the fragments will be underground for Amethyst Geodes, in case we are talking about amethyst crops, in a foundry Sand is required to be placed in order to manufacture the tinted crystals, while the craft table is where we will combine the resources, thus creating 2 crystals, in the case of the non-versed it is necessary that we have Amethyst Geodes, which they are underground at sea level and the bedrock, there is a possibility that we will find a new block of material, if so we will notice it when we are close to one, it is the outer layer of an Amethyst Geode and we will move on to locate blocks of amethyst and calcite, now the blocks are budding and we can move, in the event that the crystals break, these will be recovered in the same way as any other .

Finally, now that we know how to make tinted windows we can move on with Minecraft.

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