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Minecraft Pocket Edition has simply not escaped unscathed from the glitches, let's see How to fix the license error

Why does it tell us that there is a license error in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

  The first thing to consider is to check that we have downloaded directly from the Minecraft store as this is emerging as a fundamental requirement, and this error usually occurs mainly when we play on a laptop or in 8k, it is necessary to check that we are not with a version APK since it is the most logical that this inconvenience appears to us even when it is possible that this version works the error appears continuously.
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    How to fix license error in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

    There are two simple solutions and they are as follows:

    •   Signing in this implies accessing the correct account where we have purchased this game either through Google Play or Android.
    • Uninstalling the game and reinstalling it again, focusing on taking a backup, because by uninstalling and reinstalling it again we can restore the files.

      Whatever option you decide to do, you already know how to correct the license error and this simply allows us to enjoy all the construction that Minecraft Pocket Edition brings to us.

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