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To get you started on the new Minecraft Nether patch, we've prepared this guide to tell you How to craft Potion of Swiftness.

What is a Potion of Swiftness in Minecraft Nether.

Before telling you How to craft Potion of Swiftness, you have to know first of all that the positions will allow you to gain temporary benefits and abilities. Specifically the speed position will allow you to move faster than normal up to 20 percent more than normal.
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    How to craft Potion of Swiftness in Minecraft Nether.

    Next we will list the list of ingredients that you will have to find to be able to make a Potion of Swiftness of three minutes:

    • Blaze Powder.
    • Nether Wart.
    • Water bottle.
    • Sugar.

    The first thing you have to do is put the Blaze Powder on the preparation stand, then you will have to put an empty water bottle in any of the three boxes on the preparation stand. The next thing to do is add an abyssal wart to the top box of the holder causing the bubbles between Blaze Powder and Nether Wart to turn white, indicating that the brewing process has started and ends when the wart disappears.

    The next thing you have to do is add the sugar in the same box that the abyssal wart was in and wait for it to disappear, you will know that it is ready when you hear a glue noise that indicates that you have successfully prepared a potion.

    To convert the normal potion into a Splash you will have to place the Speed ​​Potion (3:00) at the bottom of a Preparation Stand and add the Powder in the upper box.

     Now that you know How to craft Potion of Swiftness in Minecraft Nether you are ready to go 20 percent faster than normal for 3:00 minutes, so we hope that you will get the most out of this position now that you know its preparation.

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