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2020-06-25 09:27:28

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In a combat world like Valorant it is sometimes necessary to know how to surrender and here we will explain it to you.

Why Surrender in Valorant?

Although the idea is to always win the fights there are some occasions when this simply cannot be given for any reason and it is there that we are required to surrender, as this does not make us less than the others, simply some fights can be moderately toxic and this implies having to leave, because there are sometimes times when our teammate has gone fast and it is not necessary to stay alone to see how much worse we are going, therefore it will be necessary to surrender and choose to jump to another game.
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How to surrender in Valorant?

Surrendering is not necessarily easy, because we must consider some relevant aspects such as:


  •  It is not possible to ask for surrender before the eighth round of the match, so something will have to be watered down.
  • Everyone is required to vote in order for the effect of surrender to be possible.
  • To surrender we need to write / ff, Forfeit deliver the chat box in the corner below our screen.
  • When we request abandonment, it will be open to a vote, but that must be done in advance.


 It is necessary to keep in mind that this feature presented by the game is not to abuse, only use it when it is really necessary, it is only practically the last option that we should take in case of entering a game that is complex and out of control, it is also Good to know that the opposing team will have the possibility of receiving a credit for each round until reaching 13, as this occurs as soon as the surrender has been approved.

 In general terms, knowing how to surrender can be taken as a last option when there are no more opportunities, since simply Valorant allows us to have more options before reaching this drastic, but that may be feasible to leave not so badly stopped.

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