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For all of you who are wondering how to get command block in Minecraft Nether, we dedicate this article to you.

What is a command block in Minecraft Nether?

It is an element that allows you to program certain actions in the worlds such as creating unique experiences for those with whom you share your world, so we have, like many, the questions how to obtain one.

How to get command block in Minecraft Nether?

The first thing you have to do is start a new game in creative mode and when you enter the new mode you must press the "/" button to insert a command in the chat window and place the following command:
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    / give @p minecraft: command_block

    You can change the @p to change who receives the item. In case you are playing with others and want to make sure you receive the item, you can insert your username after the "@".

    If you accept a number after the command, this will help determine the specific number of command blocks and start experimenting with them.

    Now that you know how to get a command block in Minecraft Nether, there are no excuses for you to get your own block and start making the most of it.

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