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Guide to learn how to get wood logs in Medieval Dynasty

  With the new game on Steam, many are wondering basic things about the game, such as getting wooden logs in play, which is an elemental resource in this style of play, so in this guide we will show you how to get it successfully.

How to get wood logs in Medieval Dynasty?

The wooden logs are used to construct buildings for houses and agriculture, among other things. This makes logs probably the most important part of the medieval dynasty, especially when you consider how you need them to build your first home (we have a separate article talking about this).

To obtain wooden logs in the medieval dynasty, you must cut down maples. Use your stone ax to cut maples, once these trees fall, keep hitting them until you get logs of wood.
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    Collect as much as you can and use them to craft a wooden ax / hammer, as well as your first house. Maple trees are the most common in the medieval dynasty, so you won't have a hard time getting some logs in the medieval dynasty.

    You must watch your water and food consumption while cutting the maples to obtain wooden logs this because your character is worn down by this physical activity. Otherwise, you could end up losing consciousness in the medieval dynasty.

      Now that you know how to get wooden logs in Medieval Dynasty you can get one of the basic materials of the game to be able to make more constructions in the game. Luck!

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