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2020-08-10 13:39:07

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Marvels Avengers simply allows us to have fun in a big way and this implies having the possibility of knowing how to counter attacks

What is involved in countering attacks in Marvels Avengers?

This is nothing more than blocking the attacks executed by an enemy, as these usually hit us on our head and seeing them is extremely simple because it is shown as a blue or simply yellow indicator, this usually occurs when we are heroes and an enemy tries to touch us to hurt us.

How to counter attacks in Marvels Avengers?

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When we find ourselves in a problem where it is necessary to proceed to counteract the attacks, it is important to look at the icons, either blue or simply yellow, as this is what warns us to proceed to press the lock button, This is usually done exactly before receiving a hit, since doing it earlier simply only blocks the blow, while doing it afterwards will only serve to receive damage.

It is necessary to be attentive when using the lock button because the idea of ​​this is to get the enemy to receive as much damage as possible, just stumbling, this puts us to work on an interesting strategy and it is only necessary to hit the enemy a couple of times, the idea is to lower his health, because here there is no need to have some kind of contemplation.

When we have succeeded in causing the forceful blows and we manage to knock them out, it is possible to master the timing of the counter, the idea is this is to be able to practice it a number of times until we become experts and then this is only one of the many skills that we can execute in the battles.

This is all you need to know about how to counter attacks, because with this we manage to dominate our opponents more easily in Marvels Avengers

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