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Our guide today on Surgeon Simulator 2 lets us explain everything related to How to open the locked doors in Cold Storage

What does Surgeon Simulator 2 bring us?

The truth is that this game has definitely known how to penetrate the public because it is not only about simulation of surgeries, since this goes further to the point of creating a hospital and thus solving certain problems, however, the camera Refrigerator acts as a room to which it is necessary to access.
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How to open the locked doors in Cold Storage in Surgeon Simulator 2?

 Our goal is to get to the room that has a shotgun on the wall, our task is to get it to proceed to move through the main corridor, being here it is time to get into action and proceed to start the rack to place the shotgun on this place, we enter and use the scanner since our job is to access the back of the room and go to the surgery room, once there it is necessary to go back to the room one more time because here there is a considerable amount of syringes yellow and red, these must be taken.

 Now that we already have some considerable amount of supplies, it is necessary to take another walk through the grate that is relatively close to the cold room, we must proceed to remove it, this allows us to have the possibility of revealing a place where it will be necessary to place the shotgun and this allows the door to be opened.

 At this point we have not finished our task yet, which implies taking a look at our scanner, since it is necessary to see the organs that we consider useful for the camera and from there we use the conveyor belt since this allows us to transfer them to surgery and with This being able to do it to Bob, this just becomes an interesting story since we will be saving a life strangely in a place that is destined to kill people.

 This is all you need to know about How to open the locked doors in Cold Storage, since this gives us the possibility of saving lives in Surgeon Simulator 2

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