Angel Marquez
2020-09-08 08:30:40

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Today we bring you a NBA 2K21 guide where we will explain how to change cameras.

Why switch cameras in NBA 2K21?

  It is ideal that we make the change of camera on some occasions in order to have a better angle of vision when playing, there are a number of options to make this change in the middle of the game, according to our criteria is that we will choose the one we are most comfortable with. , but before that we have to understand How to change cameras and in this guide we will have the necessary answers, just follow the following content closely.
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How to change cameras in NBA 2K21?

  When we are in the middle of the game it is possible to make when entering the pause menu, here we will make the changes we want to make, when we have done this they will be saved, depending on the mode we are in, we will arrive from the pause menu to The option that tells us camera, here are a series of possibilities to choose according to our criteria, even to the camera that is predefined we can make some changes such as the heights, the zoom etc., these options will be navigated with the corresponding button according to our console.

  It is evident that knowing how to change cameras allows us to have more fun in NBA 2K21.