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We have made for you a Xbox Family Settings guide where we plan to explain how to use the Xbox family settings

What is Xbox Family Settings?

  This is the most recent application that Microsoft has launched, as the technology giant has set out to give parents more options to take care of their children without having to deny them access to games, as it is simply a number of interesting applications whose objective is to serve several purposes, we could describe it as a very complete alternative where the content of our Game Pass is involved with the possibility of keeping up with our family, which has made this new generation of consoles simply be much more attractive, for which it is necessary to know how to use the Xbox family configuration and precisely about that we are going to talk here.

How to use the Xbox Family Settings?

 It is necessary to understand that Microsoft has the parental control application as a tool that has been in beta for some time and therefore its respective launch has been favorable, since it has some number of interesting and ideal features for parents to use. in such a way that knowing how to use the Xbox family configuration, can allow you to have a proper control and care of the little ones, because at the end of everything keeping them safe and sound will always be the premise.


 The Xbox Family Settings application allows us to:

  •  Customize various aspects of the Xbox platform that we choose according to our needs.
  • Control children's access to games.
  • Control children's access to different functions.
  • Monitor activity data.


 To know how to use the Xbox family settings it is necessary:


  •  Sign in to our Microsoft account, if you do not have an account it is necessary to create one.
  • Once we have entered, we are allowed to see the profiles of the boys to review their configuration.
  • We have the ability to block multiplayer mode.
  • It is possible to set the game rating limit.
  • It is possible to establish with whom the boys can communicate.
  • We can choose to approve or reject friend requests and club access.
  • We have the possibility to see all the data in the Family tab.
  • Check the average screen time.
  • It is possible to set the boys' schedule.


 It is important to understand that Xbox Family Settings has managed to make some interesting changes that allow us to enjoy this application widely, with a much easier to read interface, letting us all enjoy a series of fairly fresh changes, so choosing this application is the best option that has been able to come to care and protect the youngest without having to miss the opportunity to play.

 The Xbox Family Settings application allows us to have many features and adjustments that were not possible before, but that somehow make it possible for the little ones to enjoy games with a certain degree of freedom and with our protection in real time.

 Definitely, having Xbox Family Settings is an opportunity to protect and take care of the little ones without them being self-conscious about playing, because at the end of all knowing how to use the Xbox family configuration allows us to be attentive to every detail.

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