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2022-02-10 08:32:48

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In the Lost Ark universe we have many tasks, one of them is where to find sunflowers for my love and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about sunflowers for my love in Lost Ark?

It is one of the hidden story collectibles, which we noticed when entering our adventurer tome on the right of said menu, it is certainly complex to find this, because it is necessary that we go to 3 different points, having to receive a buff that is required to complete this story, a time limit is presented for it, now to know where to find sunflowers for my love, let's follow the following content.

Where to find sunflowers for my love in Lost Ark?

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  • The first: we find this one in Prideholme, near the southern end of the city, below the entrance to Loghill, we will notice that there is a building that has an orange roof behind the walls, when we approach we have to interact with a pop-up window, which starts the search.
  • The second: we are in the Triport in Fiona Plains, we must go north directly to the bridge, before we reach this we will notice a patch of sunflowers very close to an overturned car, you have to interact here with the popup to get the second of the sunflowers.
  • The third: for this last one we have it in Prideholme, precisely next to where we find the first sunflower, only it is to the right of the door in the patch, here in the same way we interact with the pop-up window and get the last sunflower with which will complete the story.

We can conclude that knowing where to find sunflowers for my love is easier than we thought, you just have to apply the instructions, and we will be progressing in Lost Ark.

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