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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-10 13:59:59

More about: Lost Ark

There are interesting recipes to make in Lost Ark and for this reason today we will explain how to make the white bird stew full of proteins.

What is protein white bird stew in Lost Ark?

This is nothing more than a necessary recipe that we are allowed to prepare, only this is not an easy task to execute, but with some guidance that we offer in this guide things can change a little.

How to make protein-packed white bird stew in Lost Ark?

This recipe is usually favorable for us to get 100 percent of the Tome of Adventures of Rethamis, in this sense, we must embark on the search for the ingredients to be able to prepare the dish and for this it is necessary to take into account:
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  • We must go to the NPC named Helly.
  • We will have to look for the chef in Prideholme.
  • By getting the chef we are allowed to click on Protein Packed White Bird Stew and will say that it is necessary to make the longhouse discouraged.

Now, to find the discouraged lump it is necessary to go to the Loghill area, once we got to the place we must take care of looking for a bush that usually is located next to the tree at the northern edge where a red box that tends is To stand out, we must be attentive that the investigation notice may appear and proceed to hold G in order to find it, it is only necessary to embark on to perform a search that can be rapid and after that we get the lump, then, it is It is necessary to take care of going with hery and we must pay 1.400 silver, to proceed to buy a "white bird stew full of protein", once this has been done we will see that the same, will go to the inventory, it will only be enough to add it to the volume From the adventurer and to finish only we must click with the right mouse button to get it automatically added.

 Now that you know how to make the white bird stew full of protein is time to embark on this preparation and with it get a single saucer at 1pcxbg.

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