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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-15 03:34:30

More about: Lost Ark

Crashes continue to occur in Lost Ark and that is why today it is necessary to know how to fix stuttering and FPS drop.

What is stuttering and FPS drop in Lost Ark?

These are nothing more than bugs that are usually related to performance, in this sense knowing how to fix stuttering and FPS drop allows us to focus on applying some fixes, it is good to make it clear that there are various bugs that usually show up in games and that is because we do not have the necessary requirements to be able to launch said game and that it can run perfectly.

How to fix stuttering and FPS drop in Lost Ark?

It is good to keep in mind that there are some options that we can apply to correct this problem and they are the following:
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Choose to switch to full screen: this is an applicable solution for this Lost Ark bug, in this sense, it is necessary to place the game in a window where there are no borders because this can help us with the FPS and its respective speed.

Opt to close background apps – We are still talking about how to fix stuttering and FPS drop and for that we need to:


  •  Enter the task manager in order to find out if there is any application that may be occupying a large part of the CPU, if so, we just have to close it.
  • It is important to consider ignoring any system file that may be on the list, because doing so could lead to problems related to system operation.


 Access to close downloads: there are times when downloads can cause problems and in Lost Ark this is no different, sometimes they can take up a lot of space on the network and cause the game to slow down causing stutters, so it is done You need to close them and return to the game normally.

Change the performance settings: this is another of the fixes that we have to know how to solve stuttering and FPS drop and in this sense, it is necessary:


  •  Change the energy profile of our PC and place it in High Performance.
  • We must take care of opening the "Run" command in order to write "powercfg.cpl" to proceed to press Enter.
  • Next, we will be transferred to the “Energy Operations Panel” where it is necessary to choose “High Performance”.


 Check the video configuration: this is another solution that can be applied to solve this error in Lost Ark, for which we require:


  •  Go to game settings in Lost Ark to proceed to select Video.
  • Next, we proceed to select Automatic settings and that's it.


 Update the graphics card and DirectX: we continue to provide answers to know how to solve stuttering and FPS drop, in this sense, we must check the graphics card to see if it is updated just by visiting its website and accessing download the latest drivers, in the case of DirectX we can visit the website and that's it.

Check the Lost Ark files: this is another feasible solution, this can be applied because sometimes the absence of files or simply corrupt files can cause us problems, for which we must:

  • Go to Steam in order to right click on the game.
  • Then we must select Properties and go to Local Files.
  • Then, we select Verify the integrity of the files, we wait a while the process is completed and that's it.


 Execute a clean reboot: this is another solution that can be applied once we have exhausted the previous options, only in this case it is necessary to be careful, this is because it could make the system unusable, to execute it, it is necessary to consider that :


  •  We must be the administrator or alternatively create an administrator account in Windows.
  • Next, we type System Configuration in the Windows search bar.
  • We locate the Services tab in order to mark the option to hide all Microsoft services.
  • Next, we select Deactivate everything and proceed to go to the start tab.
  • We must click on Open Task Manager and choose to choose Start to select all the applications and proceed to deactivate them.
  • Then, we close the window and proceed to restart the system in order to start the game and that's it.


 Now that you know how to fix the stuttering and FPS drop, it's time to apply some of these fixes and thus continue progressing in Lost Ark.

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