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Angel Marquez
2022-02-14 14:33:13

More about: Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a very busy game, and today it takes us to find out how to find Natural Mungka Jerky.

What to know about the natural jerky of Mungka in Lost Ark?

Throughout the game we are going to find many collectibles, this is one of the 7 kitchens that are found on the continent of Yudia, specifically we have to find it because it is required to complete one of the main missions, certainly the mission requires others, but in this case as to how to find natural Mungka jerky we must follow the details presented below, let's see.

How to find natural Mungka jerky in Lost Ark?

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The first thing is to find the entrance to the Yudia region, which has the name of Saland Hill and which coincides with the Retharamis border, starting from here we will go north, we will go through twists and turns on the way passing first through the west, the next thing is that we will be in the east as we progress close to the southern border, it is important in terms of how to find natural Mungka cecina that we take care of the enemies in this region that come to attack us, but they are easy to defeat, when we kill them we can obtain objects that are useful for our progress in Lost Ark, once we have arrived near a tree next to the bushes where some enemies are, we have to ignore them, we just have to investigate the bushes, and we will have obtained the jerky native of Mungka.

This is how we end our guide on how to find natural Mungka jerky, hoping that you can get the most out of a busy Lost Ark.

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