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Angel Marquez
2022-02-10 14:30:11

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Find out how to check server status in this excellent and explanatory guide from Lost Ark.

What to know about the servers in Lost Ark?

  It is important that in some cases we are aware of what is happening with the server, it may or may not be down, we must bear in mind that they may be out of service due to some scheduled maintenance, even the restoration schedules must be considered so that they are seen in such out of order situation, now for how to check the server status let's closely follow the below content.

How to check server status in Lost Ark?

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On February 8th the servers of this game will be open considering that we have purchased early access, while normally on February 11th the servers will open, the first thing we can use to check the status of the server is the game's Twitter account to To know what is happening, we can also use the third-party ServicesDown page, here we can find out about interruptions and access information on the current situation that is happening with the servers.

 In almost that we have connection problems we have to turn off our router and check our connection, if it remains after this we must contact the game's support service to add help, then apart from checking the status of the server we may be experiencing problems with our internet connection and we must verify it too.

 This is all there is to know about how to check the status of the server, you just have to apply the instructions and follow the fun we have in Lost Ark.

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