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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-08 14:19:05

More about: Loop Hero

Loop Hero has arrived to present us with some interesting activities, and therefore it is convenient to tell you how to unlock the necromancer class, let's see.

What is the necromancer class in Loop Hero?

  This is just an action that allows us to take undead friends to the battlefield, in this sense, it is described as a class where facing enemies directly is not exactly an option, so knowing how to unlock the necromancer class It leads us to find a way to achieve it because we are allowed to have the possibility of summoning skeletons with a simple objective such as doing our will, an issue that can extend our survival a little more considering that when we started this game We start with the basic warrior class and as we progress we get other classes but not with the necromancer characteristics.
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How to unlock the necromancer class in Loop Hero?

Our task is to take care of executing some constructions, for this it is necessary to start with the initial bonfire in our base and in this way start with the field kitchen, because with it, we get an extra healing in a complete cycle during a complete game. Now, after having built some buildings, to create the kitchen we need:


  •  1 food supply.
  • 2 preserved stones.
  • 3 preserved woods.


Next, it is necessary to take care of building a gym, with this we are allowed to obtain some additional skills after having eliminated some enemies and villagers as they will be in charge of unlocking some missions, because with the construction of the gym it allows us to unlock traits and villages and To achieve this, it is necessary to have:


  •  1 metamorphosis.
  • 3 preserved rock.
  • 2 wood from the stable.
  • 6 stable metal.


 We continue the construction work to get the necromancer class and this leads us to build the cemetery, as it is a fantastic way to collect the "Memory Fragments" that are necessary resources, it also offers us the possibility of resuscitating any hero that may die in advance, to achieve this construction we must have:


  •  2 stable metal.
  • 4 stable wood.
  • 14 preserved rock.


 Our last task is to take care of creating the crypt, because to achieve this it is necessary to have an interesting resource called "Orb of expansion", this is usually achieved when we fight against a number of enemies that make up a group of more than 4 members, because with this will unlock the class as long as we build the crypt for which we require:


  •  1 Expansion Orb.
  • 4 stable wood.
  • 9 stable metal.
  • 16 preserved stone.


 With the crypt ready we chose to select necromancer and then start the next loop.

This is all you need to know about how to unlock the necromancer class, this way you will have a new class to fight in Loop Hero.

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