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The tasks in Loop Hero are more and more interesting and that is why today we will tell you where to find bosses

What are bosses in Loop Hero?

This game offers us a very interesting alternative to entertain ourselves, as it is a very different adventure, so that finding bosses does not usually occur as a regular task, since this type of creatures simply makes us choose to incorporate some tokens which are going to go increasing to reach the objective, this presents us with a boss meter that we will only see ready when it is full and the way is opened to us to embark on a fight.
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Where to find bosses in Loop Hero?

Our task is to take care of filling the meter because that will be the way to get the bosses to appear, to start this task we must get Lich with whom we will fight and who will offer us a 5 percent health and damage bonus, to get this boss it is necessary to take charge of starting our passage through the camp tile and choosing to recover our health with two potions, here we will also see some extra city tokens that have been incorporated.

It is necessary to take care of placing cards and to know that it can be a boss we simply take a look at the screen at the top, we must be as careful as possible and avoid activating any of those cards by accident, because it is possible that not we are prepared to fight against this, which can lead to certain death, in this sense, it is necessary to take care of leaving and choose to prepare for the battle later.

In this sense, knowing where to find bosses allows us to be vigilant and only fight against them when we consider that we are sufficiently prepared to escape unscathed in Loop Hero.

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