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We continue talking about Loop Hero and this time we are going to tell you how to upgrade buildings.

What is the purpose of upgrading buildings in Loop Hero?

  As we progress in this game we are offered the possibility of carrying out some updating tasks and the buildings are not left out of it, since our character is in charge of going through the loops and it is necessary to be up to date, since it is an objective to keep players constantly guessing as a fundamental aspect in this game, in this sense, as we move through the game it allows us to get some resources, cards and equipment necessary to work on the process of updating buildings.
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    How to upgrade buildings in Loop Hero?

    This is an activity that allows us to make an interesting use of resources obtained, and for this it is necessary to take care of opening the menu where we are shown different construction options, this usually occurs after our first loop, in this sense, it is important to choose by clicking on the building of our main camp and this makes the buttons on the left side visible where we are allowed to have an ideal one to dismantle the building, only that we will not touch it, on the contrary we will touch the next one that we allows to run some improvements.

    It needs to be made clear that building upgrade upgrades can be somewhat costly, which requires a considerable amount of resources, and for this it is well worth getting every possible opportunity to cultivate them from the start.

     This is all you need to know about How to upgrade buildings, it is only necessary to concentrate on playing and getting resources as possible in Loop Hero, give it a try.

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