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Edelmira Leon
2021-03-12 02:33:03

More about: Loop Hero

Today we are going to tell you how to get the memory maze card in Loop Hero, so keep an eye on what we have in this article.

What is the memory maze card in Loop Hero?

It is a field card that is placed around the loop, similar to Road Lantern and Beacon, in order to increase your boss meter.

How to get the memory maze card in Loop Hero?

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In order to get the card you will have to upgrade your camp until you can build the Library so that the Maze of Memories card is added to your collection.

As resource agriculture will take a long time, after killing Lich you will have to go to chapter 2 to obtain more resources even if the enemies are tougher.

Placing Labyrinth cards will allow you to generate the boss very early and defeat him, and thus advance with the cycle to conserve agricultural materials.

  We hope that with this guide on how to obtain the memory labyrinth card in Loop Hero you will be able to unlock it and obtain all the benefits it provides and always carry it in your pocket.

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