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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-08 14:37:17

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Tasks are vital in Loop Hero, and therefore it is necessary to tell you how to make mountain peak, let's see.

What is the mountain peak in Loop Hero?

This is a necessary artifact that we must manufacture because it provides us with improvements in health, because as we move between the loops and face the monsters we get some resources that they will drop, in this sense, know How to make Mountain Peak simply makes us work continuously in battles, so that it allows us to use a little more time, so that this allows us to obtain resources, build and make improvements in the camps in addition to obtaining more team.
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How to make Mountain Peak in Loop Hero?

It is necessary to obtain the necessary materials for its elaboration and this means:


  •  Place mountain or rock cards on a 3x3 grid.


 Once we get to the Mountain Peak, we are allowed to perform some interesting actions such as:

  •  Get an additional 5 health for each mountain or rock,
  • He tipped us 120 extra maximum health.
  • Has the ability to spawn a harpy every 2 days.
  • Harpies need to be fought when they fly onto a random tile or loop.
  • Harpies are usually an excellent additional loot such as weapons and armor, and they are not usually very dangerous.
  • This mountain peak allows us to use it in the construction of the herbalist in order to find some ideal potions to use in the loops, especially those that are usually a little longer.
  • With this peak, the possibility of obtaining large amounts of resources opens up.
  • Having this artifact allows us to face the Lich with a little less complexity.
  • This peak allows us, like many other elements in this game, to have the possibility of combining encounters and battles that can be carried out randomly.

 This is all we can tell you about How to make Mountain Peak, because we must rescue that Loop Hero has a very specific mechanics, which makes it attractive and perhaps that is why it is penetrating perfectly well in the public.

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