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Angel Marquez
2023-09-18 14:26:12

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Where to Find Gestures in Lies of P with our comprehensive guide. Tips, locations and strategic usage.

In Lies of P, gestures play a crucial role in enhancing gameplay and enabling players to perform various actions. These powerful tools can be found and unlocked at different locations and through different methods. In this blog post, we will guide you on where to find these gestures and how to unlock them. So, let's dive into the world of Lies of P and discover the key locations for each gesture.

Sit Gesture:

Starting the game with this gesture gives you a solid foundation for interaction. The Sit gesture allows your character to sit comfortably, providing a sense of relaxation or contemplation. Whether you want to take a break from exploring, engage in conversations with NPCs, or simply enjoy the scenery, this gesture is a must-have.

Sit is readily available right from the beginning. You can access it by opening the gesture menu and selecting the Sit option.

Check Ground Gesture:

Another essential gesture that helps you examine your surroundings is the Check Ground gesture. This gesture allows your character to inspect the ground for hidden items, traps, or clues. It is invaluable for discovering hidden secrets and maximizing your exploration experience.

Check Ground is also available from the start. You can access it through the gesture menu, similar to the Sit gesture.

Remembrance Gesture:

Unlocking the Remembrance gesture adds depth to your character's backstory. This gesture allows your character to recall forgotten memories or reflect on past experiences. It can provide insights into the narrative and provide a more immersive gameplay experience.

To unlock the Remembrance gesture, head to the Elysion Boulevard Entrance. Look for the Frozen Man's Letter, which can be found near a statue. Reading the letter will trigger the unlocking of the Remembrance gesture.

Stalker's Promise Gesture:

Unleash your inner survivor by defeating an opponent with the Stalker's Promise gesture. This gesture symbolizes the determination and resilience of your character, making them more formidable in combat situations.

To obtain the Stalker's Promise gesture, you must visit the Workshop Union Culvert. Here, you will encounter a Survivor, a challenging opponent. Defeat the Survivor in combat to unlock the Stalker's Promise gesture.

Fear Gesture:

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Embrace fear as a tool for intimidation and control with the Fear gesture. This gesture allows your character to use fear as a weapon, intimidating enemies and gaining an advantage in certain situations.

To acquire the Fear gesture, you need to visit the Venigni Works Control Room. Inside the control room, you will find Venigni, a character who holds the key to unlocking this powerful gesture. Engage in a conversation with Venigni to learn and unlock the Fear gesture.

Swagger Gesture:

Exude confidence by overpowering formidable adversaries with the Swagger gesture. This gesture showcases your character's self-assuredness and can help in intimidating opponents.

The Swagger gesture can be obtained by defeating an enemy known as the King's Flame. This formidable adversary can be found in a specific area of the game. Defeat the King's Flame in combat to unlock the Swagger gesture.

Pray Gesture:

Gain spiritual insight through heartfelt confessions with the Pray gesture. This gesture allows your character to engage in a deep and meaningful connection with their spiritual side.

To acquire the Pray gesture, you must visit the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. Within the library, search for Cecile's Written Confession. Reading this confession will unlock the Pray gesture and enable your character to embark on a journey of spiritual discovery.

Taunt Gesture:

Provoke opponents with cunning tactics and wittiness using the Taunt gesture. This gesture allows your character to taunt enemies, distracting them or lowering their guard during combat encounters.

To unlock the Taunt gesture, you need to visit the Malum District Town Hall. Here, you will encounter The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, a formidable opponent. Defeat The Eldest in combat to unlock the Taunt gesture.

Clap Gesture:

Show appreciation by returning lost treasures to their rightful places with the Clap gesture. This gesture allows your character to express gratitude and restore balance to the world.

To obtain the Clap gesture, head to Hotel Krat. While exploring the hotel, you will come across the Portrait of a Boy, a lost treasure. Return the Portrait of a Boy to its rightful place to unlock the Clap gesture.

Sad Gesture:

Harness the power of deception during pivotal moments with the Sad gesture. This gesture allows your character to manipulate situations by using deception as a tool.

To unlock the Sad gesture, you must complete a side quest for a character known as Julian at Rosa Isabell. During the quest, you will have the opportunity to lie to Julian, which will unlock the Sad gesture.

Gestures in Lies of P are not just mere actions; they are powerful tools that can enhance your gameplay experience. By knowing where to find and unlock these gestures, you can explore different dimensions of the game and unleash your character's true potential. So, prepare yourself for an immersive journey and make sure to utilize these gestures strategically. Happy gaming!

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