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Angel Marquez
2023-09-18 14:17:49

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How to Respec in Lies of P. Discover effective strategies, tips, and tricks to optimize your gameplay experience.

In the captivating world of Lies of P, players have the opportunity to respec their beloved character. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process, ensuring that you make the most out of this exciting feature. So, let's dive in and discover how to respec in Lies of P!

Section 1: Defeating the Boss and Obtaining the Saintess of Mercy Key

To initiate the respec process, players must first defeat the boss located in the Grand Exhibition Conference Room. This boss is known for its challenging mechanics and formidable presence, but with determination and strategy, victory can be achieved. Defeating the boss rewards players with a precious Saintess of Mercy key, which is the key to accessing the respec statue.

Section 2: Accessing the Massive Statue with Gold Coin Fruit

Armed with the Saintess of Mercy key, players can now venture forth to find the massive statue that holds the power to respec their character. However, instead of Ergo, the familiar NPC who usually handles respecs, this unique statue requires a special currency known as Gold Coin Fruit. To ensure you have an ample supply, head over to Hotel Krat and collect as many Gold Coin Fruits as possible from its Gold Coin Tree.

Section 3: Locating and Activating the Statue

Finding the respec statue may seem like a daunting task at first, but fear not! With the Saintess of Mercy key in hand, follow these simple instructions to reach it effortlessly:

  • - Proceed to the Malum District Town Hall house located within chapter 5. This iconic structure serves as the starting point for your journey to the respec statue.
  • - Once inside the Town Hall, navigate through its corridors and rooms until you stumble upon an elevator. This elevator will take you to the upper levels of the building, where the statue awaits.

Section 4: Respeccing Options and Gold Coin Fruit Requirements

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The respeccing process allows players to adjust various aspects of their character, giving them the opportunity to fine-tune their build and playstyle. Here are some key points regarding what can be respecced and how much Gold Coin Fruit is required for each:

Legion Arms:

The Legion Arms respec option allows players to change their character's equipped weapons or armor set. Whether you want to switch from a heavy, defensive setup to a nimble, dual-wielding one or experiment with different weapon types, this option grants you the freedom to do so. To activate the Legion Arms respec, you'll need to spend 5 Gold Coin Fruits.


The P-Organ respec option focuses on modifying your character's abilities or attributes related to P-Organs, which are unique and powerful skills that enhance your combat capabilities. Whether you want to allocate points differently or experiment with new P-Organs, this option allows you to reshape your character's playstyle. To activate the P-Organ respec, you'll need to spend 10 Gold Coin Fruits.

Skill Points:

Respec your character's skill points by utilizing the Skill Points respec option. This allows you to reallocate your skill points, ensuring that your character's abilities match your desired playstyle and combat strategies. Whether you want to focus on offense, defense, or utility, this option grants you the flexibility to adapt your character to any situation. To activate the Skill Points respec, you'll need to spend an additional 10 Gold Coin Fruits.

Section 5: Utilizing the Stargazer for Future Use

While not mandatory, activating the Stargazer located by the door of the respec statue can prove immensely helpful for future respecs. The Stargazer is a valuable tool that allows players to bookmark their progress, making it easier to respec multiple times without repeating certain steps. Though it may be a challenge to find initially, make sure to keep an eye out for this invaluable feature.

Congratulations! You've successfully learned how to respec in Lies of P. By defeating the boss in the Grand Exhibition Conference Room and utilizing the Saintess of Mercy key, you can access the massive statue that grants you the power to reshape your character. Remember to gather enough Gold Coin Fruit from Hotel Krat's Gold Coin Tree and be mindful of the requirements for each respeccing option. Happy gaming and enjoy exploring the possibilities Lies of P has to offer!

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