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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-26 17:12:37

More about: Immortal Fenyx Rising

The activities in Immortal Fenyx Rising do not stop, and therefore it is convenient to tell you how to solve the puzzle of the silent marsh

What is the silent marsh puzzle in Immortal FenyxRising?

This is simply one of the tasks with which we get in this game, to do it is necessary to embark on the mission "My skies", once this has been solved we are given the possibility of accessing a loot.

How to solve the silent marsh puzzle in Immortal Fenyx Rising?

To start this task it is necessary to work with a set of 6 torches without light, these must be lit to open a treasure chest, in this sense it is vital to place ourselves in front of the respective chest and shoot the arrows through the first one to choose to light them, This must be done in an orderly manner and is given in this way:

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  • The first is the torch on the right.
  • Then we must continue with the torch that is in the middle of the left.
  • Next we must go to the torch that is on the right.

 Now, with this done, it is necessary to turn around where we will see an energy door behind us, there is also a raised pressure plate platform and a hole under another plate, it is necessary to take care of breaking the glass, red with In order to release the block and then proceed to throw it onto the platform, we only have to jump and place ourselves on the pressure plate because this will allow the energy door to dissipate and in doing so we throw the cube through the hole, we jump down and by using telekinesis we move the cube to the left side, to finally drop it.

 Next we jump and proceed to enter the cave where we will see the tile puzzle, it is only necessary to shoot the tile located in the bottom corner, then shoot the tile in the upper corner from the right side and to complete the job to the center tile.

 This is all we can tell you about How to solve the silent marsh puzzle, because this is simply a very interesting task that we will do in Immortal Fenyx Rising.

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