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We are back in the world of Risk of Rain 2lo that offers us the possibility to talk to you about how to unlock bandit.

Who is bandit in Risk of Rain 2?

  This is simply a very interesting character that we are allowed to play with and that has recently been incorporated into the game, there is no need to do much to achieve it, it also usually has two very particular characteristics, on the one hand there is that of having aiming and, on the other hand, executing fast knife hits, which can be highly favorable for doing damage.
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    How to unlock bandit in Risk of Rain 2?

    This is a fairly simple task, because there is nothing special to do, just by installing the game update you get this character automatically, now, then we are going to leave you some characteristics of this that we must take into account:


    •  It has the ability to execute backstabs which makes them critical hits.
    • It has a serrated dagger that when activated can cause bleeding, as this weapon is used by the bandit to cut and do 360 percent damage.
    • He has the ability to fire a shotgun blast which can deal 5x100 percent damage and hit a maximum of 4 rounds.
    • He has the ability to use smoke bombs to stun, this makes him invisible which is complex because it is possible to inflict up to 200 percent damage.
    • It has exit lights, which means that the deaths can restart the confrontations, since it is possible to fire a revolver in order to cause 600 percent of damage.


     These are the tactics that can be used:

    Being a skilled character it is possible to make use of a smoke bomb, which implies throwing it into the air to cover some distance, this allows us to attack the enemies and do some considerable amount of damage with the serrated dagger as long as it is used in the right moment.

    It is possible to attract the enemies out of the battles, because we can shoot them by the sword during this process and then use a smoke bomb to get out without them being able to harm us, we can get some clearings of the smoke bombs to restart the cycle again.

     This is all we can contribute on how to unlock bandit, so that you can enter these fights and achieve victory in the battle in Rise of Rain 2.

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