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Valorant has a lot of interesting content, and it allows us to talk to you about How to fix DirectX runtime error

What is the cause of the DirectX runtime error in Valorant?

This is another problem with which we got this game and to which it is feasible to solve it, because fortunately it is an option that is easy enough to execute, this failure has originated after the beta has been closed, it is also convenient to say that knowing How to fix DirectX runtime error simply leads us to consider a few causes and they are:


  • Lack of update of the graphics card.
  • It is a drawback that is clearly related to the graphics drivers.

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    How to fix DirectX runtime error in Valorant?


     Choose to update DirectX: this is a first option that we can apply and for this it is necessary:


    •  Press Windows and type in the search engine "check"
    • Then we will click on "Check for updates".
    • Next, we follow the instructions shown on the screen in order to download and install the most recent version of DirectX.


     Choose to update the graphics drivers: To update Nvidia it is necessary

    • Right-click on the Windows desktop.
    • Then we select "Nvidia Control Panel".
    • We will go to the "Help Menu" there it is necessary to select "Updates".
    • We proceed to "Activate and deactivate Nvidia Update", just by pressing search for updates it will be deactivated.
    • We proceed to change the frequency with which our PC searches for updates, for which it is necessary to select the period of time that we consider favorable in the drop-down menu.
    • Then we choose to "Activate and deactivate notifications", unchecking them in the box is more than enough to deactivate them, on the other hand, checking the "Include" box allows us to activate them.
    • It is possible to "Activate and deactivate the automatic profiles of games and programs".


     Now, updating Nvidia GeForce Experience implies:


    •  Go to the Start menu in order to search for Nvidia GeForce Experience.
    • We must click on the first result.
    • Then we click on "Drivers".
    • Then we click on "Check for updates"
    • We must wait for the download to complete.
    • Choose to click "Install" and from there click "Next" to complete the installation.

    Update at AMD.

    •  In this case it is necessary to visit the AMD drivers and support page in order to "Automatically detect and install updates"
    • You can click the "Download Now" button to automatically start and be detected.
    • When the download is complete, it is necessary to execute the file from the location where we have assigned it.
    • You need to click "Install" when prompted.
    • Then click on "Next" in order for the update to be completed and ready.


     Another option is to uninstall Riot Vanguard.

    •  To do this, it is necessary to go to the Windows start menu.
    • Then we look for "Add or remove programs."
    • You need to open the first result.
    • Once located in the new menu we look for Riot Vnguard.
    • Choose to click on the Riot Vanguard icon.
    • We proceed to click on "Uninstall"
    • To finish we must "Confirm".


    In this sense, knowing How to fix the DirectX runtime error allows us to get rid of an inconvenience that is tedious and does not allow us to play Valorant normally.

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