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2022-02-20 18:09:08

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Horizon Forbidden West allows us to constantly mobilize and for this reason today it is necessary to explain how to crouch and slide.

What does crouching and sliding involve in Horizon Forbidden West?

These are part of the mechanics to use in this game to counteract enemies, so knowing how to crouch and slide is important, because they are skills that can get us out of trouble, by crouching we avoid being seen by the machines and this helps us It opens the way to be able to scan their weak points, while by sliding we get through some places during battles and thus manage to escape.

How to crouch and slide in Horizon Forbidden West?

It is necessary to take into account that both sliding and crouching are part of the skills we have in this game and which we can take advantage of, in this sense, it is necessary to consider:

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Crouch: to use this ability you need to press the square button on the controller, it is quite easy to execute, even if this mechanic is not mentioned until a little later in the initial mission, it is crucial to know him. Now, getting out of crouching is simple in Horizon Forbidden West, we just have to press the square button again and that's it.

Slide: This is another ability to do part of the tasks in the game, so it is essential to know how to crouch and slide, only in this particular case of sliding it is possible to use this mechanic to get mobilized during battles and from In this way we can get away from the machines as fast as possible, to apply this ability we only have to press the crouch button while we are running and when the sliding animation ends we will see that Aloy usually stays crouched for which it is necessary to press the button square getting her to stop crouching; It is good to keep in mind that while crouching we are allowed to execute shots, attack with a melee weapon and more.

 This is all we know so far about How to Crouch and Slide, so we invite you to put these skills into practice to get out of trouble in Horizon Forbidden West.

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